Hi there!

My name is Divya Krishnappa. I am an Interior Designer based in Las Vegas, USA.  In this blog I am exploring the latest decor ideas, noting the latest trends and putting together a few products to complete a look! Interior Design involves a lot more than just picking colors and curtains. A lot of planning, technical information, building code analysis, and many iterations make Interior Design a complex and exciting subject. And the outcome is always rewarding. It is like living in an art you created!

‘Laya’ is a Sanskrit word that has different meanings in different contexts. But in this context, it means “place of residence” or “house”. So, here I am, decorating this imaginary house and having fun with it! Through this journey, I am sharing what I know and new things I’m learning. Join me and share in your ideas, thoughts and your inputs in exploring what is available in the market that can make a space have our desired look!