5 Amazon Home Decor products of the week

The weekend is here! Now that you have time to go party or be at home and Netflix & chill, take some time to go through our good ol’ Amazon for some decor inspiration… You may think ‘What!? Amazon and home decor?’ but yes! Amazon does have everything under its roof including home decor! Here are 5 of this week’s Amazon finds. 

Modern and Minimalistic vase

Modern and Minimalistic Hydroponic glass vase with gold shimmer finish adds sophisticated elegance to your decor

Fairy lights in glass cylinder

Faded smoke hurricane glass lanterns illuminated by silver wire fairy lights. The fairy lights emit a neutral white glow – perfect for spaces meant to be cozy and inviting.

Starburst Wall Decor

Set of three metal wall décor designed with cut-off wires arranged to form a starburst in a textured gold finish. These pieces are also versatile that they can be used for a variety of home decor themes such as modern, contemporary, industrial, and eclectic.

Stag head figurine

A tabletop accessory with clean-cut depicting elegance and artistry. 

Deer family figurines

This smooth ceramic decor piece with gold finish can be used in Modern or Transitional style of design to provide a sleek elegant look. 

I hope you like this week’s Amazon finds. Have a great weekend!


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