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Create a stunning Gallery wall with these beautiful frames

 The first thing one can think of when we say wall decor is a Gallery wall! And usually, we think of only black picture frames with different frame sizes to create that gallery wall. I would say, let’s dig in further. Do we have more options than the standard black/white frames? If so, where can we find them? Well… here is a small list of the alternatives.

Floating Frames

When you want to stick to the standard grid of a gallery wall but yet have an ethereal appearance, floating frames does the job. These frames have clear glass/acrylic panels creating an illusion that the picture/art is floating within the frame.

West Elm

Picture Frames with Chains

Though these frames come in small frame sizes, they make a pretty picture when put together creatively. Hang them on staircase walls or make a gallery wall with these frames to create a beautiful display wall. 

Joss & Main

Wire Grid Frames

Let us turn that wall into an art. By introducing some of that wired grid frames, we can create a different outlook altogether. The grid framework comes in white, black, gold colors or you can always paint the color that you like. Clip-in a big picture or highlight the frame by adding very few pictures. There are many ways to play around with this. 

World Market
Pottery Barn

Acrylic Frames

When you have set your mind to make that gallery wall, why not take it to the next level and make it look like a modern art gallery? These modern Acrylic float frames bring in the focus to the art/picture that you are displaying while making a statement. The metal hardware on the frame creates an accent while holding the acrylic frames together. 

West Elm

Frames with loop

If you are going for an antique or industrial look, these frames with cast iron or antique frames will suit the look. Available in different variations of metals and metal colors, one can play around with sizes to create an accent wall. If you have some old tabletop frames, there are DIY options to create this frame by adding in the loop on top of the frame.

Pottery Barn

Shadow Box Frames

It’s not pictures all the time that we want to display on the wall. When there are some articles, projects or memorabilia that you want to proudly display, you can do it in style with Shadow Box frames. Options with these are many, including acrylic case, wooden case, brass borders and so on. Explore more depending on the outcome you are looking for. 


Round Frames

A round frame is usually not used much in household decor due to its impracticality of fitting rectangular-shaped pictures in a round frame. But, if you have the patience and time to work with round frames or to display a circular art, these frames can be a pleasant surprise. 



These are the few options when you are set in your mind with a gallery wall. Plenty of other options are available if you are not set on a grid display. What are your opinions on these selections? If you have more creative ways to set up a gallery wall, do leave a comment and let us know. I will be exploring more on wall decor, so do visit regularly for updates. 




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