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Now, let’s talk luxury! Definition of luxury can be very subjective, based on every individual’s perspective. But in the world of design, there are few common characteristics that make a design feel luxurious. In a high-end design, all the elements are thoughtfully designed instead of designing like an after-thought.  Here are some of the common attributes of a luxury design. 

1. Plan, Plan, Plan!

When it’s a luxury design, the most minimal expectation is that it is functional. A lot of time is spent planning before the actual work begins. So, think about the most common scenarios played out in your everyday life and envision your space to meet all those requirements. Figure out your personal choice of design style and keep it consistent in all the rooms. 

Plan function of every area
mood board
Understand your design style early on

2. Keep it clutter-free

One of the subtleties portrayed in Luxury Design is the expanse of the space. But no matter how big of an area you have, any clutter would only highlight the clutter. Not the design. So, keep your space as clutter-free as possible. In areas that tend to collect mess, plan storage areas so that it is easier to put away unwanted things. 

before and after
Using small design elements
Luxury Design
Cleaner, larger design

3. Make it large

When using any design elements like furniture, rug, or wall art, choose to use larger-sized items instead of using a cluster of small items. Reiterating the previous point, avoid excess small objects. Using larger elements in an area makes the space appear bigger. 

gallery wall
Smaller frames
Large frames

4. Color scheme and Consistency

Maintain consistency in your overall color scheme to make the design cohesive. Using different colors and themes in every room can be a bit jarring. Use a sophisticated neutral palette in the backdrop and highlight design elements like a feature wall, throw pillows, and accent furniture. If your intention is to create a bold dramatic look, stick to one or two bold colors. Work with the color’s hues and tones to create a balanced look. Do not use too many bold colors on the walls. This makes the space look too busy. 

sophisticated neutrals
Use neutral background to highlight design components
Moody interiors
Moody & Dramatic color scheme (via Sean Anderson Design)

5. Abundant lighting!

Using layers of lighting adds depth to the design. Use a good amount of ambient lighting for overall illumination that makes the space appear bigger. Adding task lighting and accent lighting creates more interest by highlighting sections of spaces.

Lighting in addition to natural light
Create interest by adding accent lighting

6. Focal point

Have a statement feature in your space that grabs your attention and draws the eye. Highlight the best feature of the space which can be anything like a feature wall, furniture, mirror, or lighting. 

via Etsy

7. Luxury layers

Combine layers of textures and materials that feel luxurious and stylish. Use fabrics that portray luxury, for example, velvet, silk, and faux fur, and materials like glass, marble/quartz. Especially, when using a muted color scheme, highlight the textures to add more depth to the design. 

Luxury fabrics yellow
Layer the fabrics
Luxury materials
Mixing textures adds depth

8. Floor to ceiling drapes

Here are a few tips to make your windows look bigger and more luxurious. 

  • Use curtain rods 8″-12″ bigger than the windows. 
  • Considering the folds and the pleats, make the curtains look fuller by using more fabric. Use 2 – 2.5 times the width of the window for the fabric. 
  • Make the windows appear taller by hanging the curtains higher. Closer to the ceiling the better. Curtain rods should be at least 6″ above the window frame. 
  • Let the curtains touch the floor for the full length. 
Luxury corner curtains
floor to ceiling length
wide curtain rods

9. Metal accents

One of the simplest ways to add a luxury look is to introduce some metal accents. Choose metal finishes like brass or chrome for cabinet hardware, lighting, faucets, and decor. Do not go overboard with the metal finishes. Use sparingly to add a touch of glamor. 

metal accents
use metal accents sparingly

10. Natural elements

To instantly transform a dull space add some natural elements like plants which bring in some warmth and coziness to a space. Use plants or flowers in places like entryways, empty corners, and bookshelves. Know your interior style and keep it cohesive by using the right planters and plants.

plant decor