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Here’s the right way to place area rug in your home.

The current design trend in houses is having an open layout. With the open layout in picture, area rugs have become the visual foundation for defining the space and furniture layout. Rugs also enhances the ambiance by introducing colors and textures while bringing in comfort and warmth in the space. Rugs are available in different sizes, patterns and materials. Let’s take a look at few common mistakes that people make when buying rugs, rug size and pile height guide and also you can pick your best area rugs for living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom options from Amazon and Target.

Area Rug Sizes

One of the most common mistakes in design is choosing the wrong rug size. People tend to choose smaller size rather than the bigger one due to factors like pricing of the rug, design of the rug or simply not knowing any better. A small rug which does not cover the area properly, can make a space appear smaller and feel out of place. It is a good practice to start the design process with rug sizes. This way, it helps us align the rug with the floor plan layout than just furniture pieces. I have provided some visual demonstration of the right choices for rug sizes for easy understanding.

Living Room

A good practice for rug installation in the living room is to follow one of these two conditions:

  • The rug is completely covering the area under the sofa, coffee table and the armchairs. OR
  • The rug covers the area between front two legs of the sofa and front two legs of armchairs. 
Having any smaller rug size would look like you got the rug just for the coffee table! Having a medium rug pile height (1/2″ – half inch) is ideal for living/family room as they provide comfort with minimal maintenance. 
Living Room Rug Size Guide

Dining Room

The rug in a dining room should ideally fit the dining table and all dining chairs. The rug should be big enough to fit in the chairs even when they are pulled back. That would generally be at least 18″-24″ (eighteen to twenty four inches) from the back of the chair to edge of the rug. Here is a general rug size guide depending on the seating:

  • 4-6 people – 6’X9′ / 8’X10′
  • 6-8 people – 8’X10′ / 9’X12′
  • 8-10 people – 10’X14′ / 12’X15′
For a dining room, rugs with low pile height or flat weave is recommended. Because, the higher pile rugs may feel plush and luxurious, but it would be harder to pull the dining chairs in and out with the rug material getting in the way. Also, rug with materials which are easy-to maintain should be used in dining room because you don’t want to spend all your time cleaning up any food stains! 
Dining Rug Size Guide
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It’s always nice to put in your sleepy toes on some warm and comfortable rug when you wake up than stepping on cold flooring first thing in the morning! Bedroom would be a great place to use medium to high pile height rugs to bring in a cozy feeling. An ideal way to use rug in a bedroom is 

  •  Cover the entire area of the bed and night stands.
  • Cover the bed area excluding the night stands but to extend at least 36″ on both side of the bed.
  • Use runner rugs on both sides of the bed.


A size of the rug at the entryway is determined by the layout of it. Having the rug centered to the door or entry table can be a good beginning direction. Choosing a low pile height or flat-weave is ideal at the entryway considering the traffic and also the dirt. It would be good to keep in mind to choose an easy maintenance material for the rug at the entry and also not a light colored rug. 

Entryway Rug Guide


The layout of the kitchen can be a good starting point to choose between a runner or a small rug. If you intend to show the flooring, a good small sized rug near the sink area can be used. If you have a narrow kitchen layout, using a runner may be a good option. The illustration below  can be a general guide for you decision. A rug profile with flat-weave or low-pile height and of course, a stain resistant material is ideal for kitchen areas. Also, adding a non-slip rug pad or a memory foam rug pad can help your rug to stay put and be comfortable for long standing hours.

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For a bathroom, two options of bath mat and bath rug are available. Considering the size of the bathroom, you can choose to use a bath mat or both bath mat and a bath rug. 

  • A bath mat has more absorbent qualities and is ideal to place in front of shower or tub. Choose a non-slip bath mat with rubber backing to avoid the skidding and water accidents. 
  • A bath rug is for more of a decorative purpose than a functional one. A prolonged wet rug can become dirty and moldy. Use a bath rug if there is a enough area to be covered excluding the bath mat area. 

Rug Pad

Rugs are available in different shapes, designs, materials and constructions. For any kind of rug, it is always recommended to use a rug pad. A rug pad can help you these ways:

  • Safety: A non-slip rug can prevent from the accidents of rug slips and pulls keeping the rug in place.
  • Floor protection: Rug pads can act as a barrier between the rug and flooring and prevent any damaging side effects like dye bleeding from the rugs, dirt and debris getting trapped under the rug or even dents from the heavy furniture. 
  • Longevity: As much as the rug-pad protects the flooring, it also helps with the longevity of the rugs. Rug-pads protects the rugs fibers from being crushed and worn out losing the color and luster.
  • Comfort: The rug pad provides cushioning under the rug making it more comfortable for your feet, to sit or lounge. It also helps with soundproofing. 

Rugs can be an overwhelming subject as it has lot of specifics to be thought of. The rug size and pile height are the basic knowledge to understand without getting too deep in to the topic. I will cover more informative and the aesthetic part of it soon. Subscribe to the newsletter and be updated. Also, let me know through your comments if you liked any of the rug selections in this post. 




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