marble with large veins

Great examples of marble with large veins to inspire you!

Using marble stones in Interior Design is not a new concept. But I am sure that when scrolling your Instagram feed lately, you must be noticing marble stones with veins making a bold design statement. Here is a gallery of these gorgeous and stunning stones making a trend in beautiful interior spaces.

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Marble with large veins in Interiors

Marble Bedroom
via @ashleytstark Instagram

This minimal design of the bedroom is elevated by the vein patterns of the marble stone. 

Marble countertop kitchen
via @wendylabruminteriors Instagram

This charming kitchen has been featured in Architecture’s Digest. The stone lamp matching the counter top and great pairing of the kitchen stools makes it a stunning design.

kitchen wall marble
via @ cara.co_ Instagram

In this beautiful transitional kitchen, the marble stone steals the attention. 

fireplace marble
via Pinterest

This can only be called as “The Wow Fireplace”.

Living room marble
via @ashleytstark Instagram

The marble stone works exceptionally well in this modern Parisian design.

rustic bathroom marble
via Pinterest

The rustic traditional design elements blend seamlessly with this modern touch of the stone.

Modern bathroom marble
via @grade_newyork Instagram

A light and airy atmosphere speak in this design, even with the use of this gorgeous heavy stone.

Saturated color marble
via @hilarymattinteriors Instagram

The bold color only highlights these stunning patterns on the marble.

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