Decorate Coffee table

How to style a coffee table like a pro!

A coffee table is one of the central design elements in a living room. It is where we set down our drinks and snacks, prop our feet up to relax and unwind after a long day, and even display our favorite things. In this post, we’ll show you how to style up your coffee table so that it fits your personal taste as well as the rest of your room decor.

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Coffee table books

Coffee table books can be a great conversation piece. You can use the books by themselves or you can layer them with accessories. 

Stack up your collection of coffee table books. You can group together the books with similar colors of book covers. 

If you don’t want your coffee table to just sit there and collect dust, open the coffee table book to encourage activity. Open to your favorite page or a pretty page encouraging the viewer to take a peek. 

Use trays or bowls

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While using a tray or bowl helps in visually grouping items, it also makes it easy for you to move them when you need space or change styles. 

Trays, bowls or boxes can also be used to reduce clutter by using them to store remotes, glasses, or other small items. 

Organic decor

coffee table styling
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Liven up our coffee table styling using some organic decor like small plants or flowers. 

You can choose the plants or flowers based on the seasons. 

Faux plants or flowers are the options too if you would like to reduce maintenance. 

Seasonal decor

Make seasonal swap outs by rotating seasonal decorative elements. 

For example, 

  • Use flowers in the spring season.
  • The coastal theme of blues and whites can work well in summer.
  • During fall, rich colors like violet and orange can create a beautiful vignette.
  • In winter, holiday-themed decorating with reds and snow elements can bring in the holiday spirit!


via The Spruce

Display your favorite trinkets, collectibles to reflect your personal style. 

Add a beautiful glow by using candles. A battery operated candle can be used for long term usage. 

Odd numbers

style coffee table

A grouping of odd numbers creates visual interest. Our eyes move around in odd-number patterns and find the styling of objects in odd numbers more aesthetically pleasing. Hence this “rule of three” has been used in interior design, graphic design, and photography. 

Different heights

coffee table styling

Adding items of different heights adds dimensions. This also creates a visual movement that is more pleasing to the eye.

In addition, play with different textures and sizes as well. 

Styling Examples

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