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Amazingly simple ideas for small house design

When it comes to a small sized house, designing the house for both functionality and aesthetics can be a challenge. If you own the house or if you are building a brand new one, there are many small space architecture hacks like this one or this, where you can maximize the space by using creative storage and built-in solutions. But when it comes to rental places where we think twice to even use a nail for hanging pictures, we need to consider simple interiors design solutions for small house that can trick the eye and make the space feel larger. Here are some of the tricks to maximize space in a small house.

Flooring - Keep it minimal

In my previous post, I have mentioned that rugs can define an area in an open plan setting, but in a small space it is essential to maintain a cohesive look by using large and similar rugs. Using small rugs can make a space feel even smaller. So, it is highly recommended that you use a large rug even in a small space. Also, using  similar rug designs will visually help you to maintain a visual flow without breaking up the flooring by mixing in too many patterns and designs.

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Walls - Unifying Color

Using white or neutral paint color is one of the oldest recommendations when it comes to small space design. But if you would like to be in current trend of having colorful interiors, having a small space shouldn’t stop you. If you are planning to use any color apart from white, paint the entire room – including walls, molding, baseboards, door and window trims- in the same tones of a single color. This is also called tonal monochromatic color scheme. You can also bring in the similar tones in the decor accessories and fabrics. Having same hues of a color creates more depth in a small space. Having an accent wall with a different color can make a space fell smaller. 

Tonal Monochrome Color
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Statement piece

Since we are talking about tricking the eye to make a space look bigger, using a statement object will draw the eyes of the viewer. This mentioned statement object can be a big piece of wall art, a distinctly-designed/a large mirror or a unique piece of wall decor that will take all the attention of the room. 

Large Wall Art
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Mirrors have been one of the oldest tricks that has been used to make space appear larger.  The reflection of the space and lights gives an illusion that the space is larger and better lighted.  Just the way with the rugs, use  larger mirrors instead of smaller ones. Furthermore, using mirrors near a light source like windows amplifies the illumination of the room. This link and this one gives you few creative ideas on how to use mirrors in small spaces.  

Mirrors in small spaces
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Having small living areas may mean that the space may be used for multiple functions. For example, living room may also be used as guest bedroom and home office. So, using multi-functional furniture is a smart way to reduce the number of furniture used and in turn reduce the clutter. For example, ottomans can be used as table as well as seating when needed. A shelving unit can help in displaying and storage while acting as a room divider. When it comes to furniture, always keep the scale of the room in mind and avoid bulky heavy furniture that are just too big for the room. 

multi purpose furniture

Think Vertical

Maximize your usable square footage by using the space vertically. Some good examples for this would be – Mount your TV to avoid using TV console, mounted wall desk can act as home office, use taller bookcases/shelving units to increase the space utilization, using floating shelves instead of bulky furniture to make the space feel lighter and roomy.

Shelving Unit Room Dividers
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On a final note, while using the above tips and tricks, keep the scale of the room and furniture in mind. Try to maintain balance in the design. And also, nothing makes a space feel small and crowded than a messy look. Focus on keeping the place clutter-free. Go ‘Marie Kondo’ once in a while and get rid of the items you don’t need. 

Small spaces can give you opportunity for great design moments. Cozy nooks and corners can be used in innovative ways to use colors and patterns. Have fun designing your space no matter what size it is!



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